How to Get Free In-App Purchases on Apple Devices (7.0.4 Jailbroken)

So you really want to beat that one level in candy crush on your jailbroken phone but you need to use a power-up that you don’t want to pay for. This is the easiest way to beat that level. Read more of this post


Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360 Cheats



You must enter the GTA 5 cheat codes on the gamepad, much like classic GTA games. Use the D-pad to enter the directional commands (LEFT, RIGHT etc.). These codes must be executed fairly quickly. A small confirmation will appear above the map. Entering cheat codes disables Achievements and Trophies, but only for the current play session. Reset your game and your Achievement/Trophy ability will return.

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That Experience


So in my English class we are doing a what if project. My friends and I decided on doing What if there was a website where you could post all your first experiences, but all the URLs were taken. Read more of this post

Grand Theft Auto 5 Cheats PS3


Cheats are entered during gameplay by pressing the button combinations listed below. A message will confirm correct entry.
NOTE: Activating cheats will disable trophies for the game session. You will need to reload a saved game to continue getting trophies. Read more of this post

Dangerous Games

Everybody knows that there are certain games that are too gory, too vulgar, or too revealing. This is like what happened during the French Revolution. People stormed the Bastille and cut off the heads of the guards and put their heads on pikes and paraded them around. When I think of the Revolution I think of Mortal Kombat. The moves you can do in said game are so horrible and gruesome that the game was actually banned at one point in the United States of America. When NetherRealm Studios finally censored the game it was let back into the USA.

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The Shock of Losing a Loved One

Most of us have had that feeling of losing someone that you loved. Everything is normal and then suddenly someone dies. All gamers know the feeling when the character you fell in love with just dies. I know there are many examples of this in games but I will focus on Heavy Rain. In Heavy Rain you get to play as four characters;

Bad Ideas = Good Game?

Great games take a lot of time and effort. Even though some people try very hard at making amazing games, they still end up making an uninteresting game or a very boring game. What some producers fail to realize is that they need to brainstorm ideas. I am now talking out of experience right now. If you start trying to think with other people about really bad ideas one or two really good ones will come out. For example, say a developer wanted to make a new platform game. They could start saying random ideas like making the main character out of broccoli, or making the theme of the story to get back to his bowl of veggies. After a while of doing this someone might say a great idea like making the character a treasure hunter that looks like Indiana Jones and making him being chased by bats because he took the idol of an ancient Aztec temple. That is how Temple Run was made. So even if you think your idea is bad, say it and maybe a good idea will emerge from it.